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Newborn Photographer

When to Book a Newborn Photographer

If you are a new mother you will want to get photos of your little one when he or she is still in the tiny, newborn phase. However, if you have ever called around to photographers you may find that it is challenging to get someone to work with you “now”. In fact, many photographers are booked weeks out. So, when is the right time to book a newborn photographer?


A big challenge with trying to book ahead of time is that you never know exactly when your baby will be born. A due date for your baby is an estimate, at best. You may have your baby a couple of weeks early or he or she may decide to hang around a little longer and become a “late bloomer.” So, booking weeks out could put you in a rough spot.


As we said though, getting a photographer to work with you “right now” isn’t always possible either. The photographer could be booked with other events that are just as important too.


Our recommendation is to reach out to your chosen newborn photographer about a month before the due date and ask if you can get a flexible appointment. If you let the photographer know when your due date is, but let him or her know that you are interested in a photoshoot during those first newborn days, most newborn photography experts are willing to work with you and will be able to fit you in.


If you would like more information about newborn photography or you want to talk to an expert about booking your session, reach out to us at Wanless Photography today. Newborn photography is one of our specialties. We are excited to help you capture those incredible memories of your newborn.

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